Edwards + Simpson architects has chosen to adopt a formal system for managing its quality of work. The model employed for this is the international standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 Quality Management Systems and guidance prepared by the Australian Institute of Architects and other authoritative sources.

It is our conviction that in being an Australian Institute of Architects A+ Practice and adopting systems such as those herein will help us deliver our objective of providing a reliable and competent architectural service to our clients and the users of the buildings and spaces we design or other services we provide as architects.  We also believe that the systems will assist us in collaborations and other working relationships with other professionals and/or contractors and suppliers.

There is 100 per cent commitment within the practice to the operation and up keep of our systems, which are regularly reviewed and updated against our own methods and innovations and against changes in external influences be they quality standards, legislation, industry standards, custom or practice.

Our team is instructed in the requirements and use of the systems as a part of their introduction to the wider objectives of the practice. Continuing professional development is undertaken by all staff in accordance with the AACA/Australian Institute of Architects Joint Policy on Continuing Professional Development and a record ofthe CPD undertaken is forwarded to the Board of Architects as required by the policy.

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